5 Best Sites For Video Production



It is common knowledge to benchmark on other’s work to learn something from it especially when you are new to the business. Beginners in video production usually take bases on works that are known to be the best in their field. So this article aims to provide you with information regarding the best websites in the internet that showcases different works that corresponds to the filmmaking industry.

Devour – devour.com

Looking for the right videos in the internet nowadays is almost as difficult as finding a seed of rice in the dessert. Although it is a bit of exaggerated, the notion is somehow true because of the constant uploading that is done each day even by ordinary people. Randomly looking for benchmark videos is certainly not an efficient way to immediately find what you specifically needs. Which is why, Devour made a solution regarding the matter. Devour actually screens out the videos looking for the best among the others and organize or categorize it every weekday. It is one of the best sites to visit when you are looking for specific videos for video production bases. You can find a video production company in Los Angeles or all the way in Brooklyn.

Shots – shots.net

Shots focuses on video collections about commercials and online video campaigns. For those who like to work on a campaign concept videos or advertisement concepts, shots.net is the site for you. It accumulates over 6000 archived commercial spots. Aside from that, they also show clips about the making of the commercial or the behind-the-scenes. So if you would like to start making a commercial based concept, you should find knowledge or clues on how to start or how to conduct the production.

Motion graphics – motion graphics.nu

This website does not only showcase ordinary videos of various categories. They also have tons of video outputs that contain CGI effects, which could be of help to those editors that aims to create videos integrated with computer graphics, and demo reels.

Creativity – creativity-online.com/tv

Creativity is like a site of versatility in the field of video production accumulation. This site contains lots and various kinds of highly industrialized or industry based videos. It contains tv commercials, and online interactive projects. It exhibits projects that are of use to the industry. It also has behind-the-scene clips and everything in the production as they made the film, also, it has videos of interviews and news about the industry nowadays, keeping people update from what is going on.

Motionographer – motionographer.com

Motionographer offers videos that about commercials and other informative features that could be of use to those who seek for basis in their own film making. This website could help beginners or inspiration seekers to gather data regarding about the making of the film for the website also features other aspects othen than simple video output. Motionographer also showcases videos about the making of the film as well as stories that emphasizes people who have contributed to the filmmaking world, as well as companies that have relation to the field. Occasionally, the site also offer information and tips on how to create an effective video as well as what to prepare before filming.

Benchmaring is not a bad option as it will be the best for data gathering and knowledge enhancement. People involved in the activity should be well known of the secrets, techniques, and approaches in creating an effective video output.