Top 3 Social Media Tips by Joe Wehinger


Social media is something we do everyday. In fact, people spend the same if not more time today on Facebook and Youtube today than they do watching television. That’s an impressive statistic if you are a marketer or own a business. It means that you can get in front of your customers and engage in a way that is way more cost effective than traditional media routes, yet also build a relationship. But most businesses today still treat their social media strategy the same as they approach their personal social media lives. ¬†Usually, that consists of just posting something to their business page, relevant or not, and hoping it sticks. If you are doing that, this post is for you. United Digital Associates Joe Wehinger has some advice on how you can turn your social strategy around and grow your business.


Create A Dedicated Business Page

So many people still run their business social media from their own personal profile pages, says Joe Wehinger. This is a huge rookie mistake for many reasons. First of all, it confuses the end customer, as they are unable to differentiate your views from that of your business. It blends your personal life with your business, and those people that follow you for your business may not want to see your personal musings. Secondly, and more importantly, you lose all the benefits that comes from claiming a business on a social media platform. Sites like Facebook and Twitter provide more metrics and tools to business pages than personal ones, which you can take big advantage of.

Be Everywhere

There isn’t a single business on the planet (that I know of) that utilizes every single social media platform. But that isn’t a reason to not claim your profile on that platform. Ensuring that you alone control your business name and brand is much better than someone else having control over it. Even if you never use it, you’ll be glad knowing it is in your own possession.

Track Everything

As mentioned above with the suggestion of creating a dedicated page, the metrics and tools you have on social media can give you huge insights into your strategies and customer segments. With every post you put out, track engagement, demographics and conversions. Test your assumptions until you hit the sweet spot and try targeting different audiences until you get predictable data that can help grow your business.